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The BEAST Secures Kong for Another Day!

“They had seen the BeastWire online and the fact that they were already interested in this product means that I didn’t even have to offer other rack security products. BeastWire is a great value and is made by a company that makes a great product. I had done other projects with BeastWire and was able to send the clients pictures so that they could see it was a great looking product that would also provide the protection necessary.” —Mike Callahan, DACO Corporation

Learn how the BEAST goes above and beyond to provide additional security for the other beast—the Kong!

When Mike Callahan with DACO Corporation—a long-standing distributor for SpaceGuard Products, found out that his customer was interested in BeastWire Rack Safety Guarding, he didn’t need to look any further. He knew that BeatWire was an exceptional product and would provide the security his customer required.

“The client had complete faith in Mike to not only have their best interests at heart when proposing a solution but also to take care of their needs in the best possible way throughout the process.”—excerpt from MHEDA Journal, The BEAST Secures Kong for Another Day

Click on the link below to read the entire article written by the MHEDA Journal (bottom right on pg. 59). Then contact us directly at 812.523.3044 or Let our Customer Service Team and the BEAST provide you with an exceptional product and great service for your customers!

The BEAST Secures Kong for Another Day!

First Ever Case Study Game Show—Featuring SpaceGuard Products Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

ATTENTION PLEASE! It’s time for another round of (drum roll) SpaceGuard’s Case Study Game Show! Most people are aware our Wire Mesh Storage Lockers are commonly used as tenant storage in apartments and condos. But, did you know there are a variety of other uses for storage lockers too?

In today’s Game Show episode, we will delve into a stunning example of the various uses of SpaceGuard’s Wire Mesh Storage Lockers. The winner of this show will win (another drum roll please)—a ridiculous amount of valuable information. This information can help ease any questions you might have when it comes time to purchase your own wire mesh storage lockers.

Let the games begin!

Today’s Challenge

In Orlando, Florida, a creator of innovative dietary supplements opened a new headquarters to expand their production capabilities. Not only does their headquarters house their manufacturing operations, the facility also packages the various nutritional supplements for international distribution.

Both the company’s own internal control processes department and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require visible and secure storage for their dietary labels until placed on the product. This company needed a storage facility within their facility to meet these requirements initiating the search for a perfect solution.

So, how did we solve their need?  Care to take a wild guess?

Your Guess

With a need for a secure storage solution, this Orlando facility reached out to Curlin Inc. (a local integrator of material handling systems and solutions). After a thorough consultation, the Orlando company chose SpaceGuard’s Wire Mesh Storage Lockers constructed with 10-gauge triple-crimped woven wire securely welded to a full steel frame. The wire mesh design permitted full visibility of the secured labels, allowing the company to meet FDA regulations.

Each SpaceGuard Storage Locker consisted of fully framed panels with zero posts. This meant that the product went up faster than other wire locker products on the market. The customer also requested to have an integrated label organization system installed inside each unit. Pegboard Wall Storage Systems were easily attached to the angle framed panels, sandwich bolting them through the wire mesh (see pictures below).


If that was your guess, then…CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON! You’re the winner of…VALUABLE INFORMATION! Thanks for playing today’s round of SpaceGuard’s Case Study Game Show!

Contact our Customer Service Team for an immediate locker quote.

Game Show Host

Why is Everyone Talking About BeastWire RailGuard?

Why is Everyone Talking About BeastWire RailGuard?

With the price of real estate on the rise, it’s essential to use every inch of your business’s already acquired space. Whether you have a retail store, storage room, warehouse, factory, or distribution center the utilization of both vertical and horizontal space is vital.

Once your horizontal space is entirely in use, many businesses begin to build up. Building up can involve the installation of mezzanines and industrial work platforms which are perfect ways to make use of your open airspace.

With new and existing mezzanines and work platforms come necessary safety measures to protect your employees. Most mezzanines use a standard open handrail design with a mid-rail and kick-plate to make sure people don’t fall off the edge of the platform.

But what many businesses don’t think about is the risk of small and medium size items falling through the large handrail opening-leading to significant safety issues for those working below. Nobody wants to be hit in the head with a random box or heavy item while in the middle of their shift.

If you’d like to take safety measures to the next level, we have the perfect solution for you.

For instance—

  • When ordering a new mezzanine or industrial work platform, request to have SpaceGuard RailGuard handrail system designed into your system.
  • Also, if you have an existing platform, attach SpaceGuard mesh panels to the handrails or replace it entirely with a new RailGuard system!
Introducing SpaceGuard’s BeastWire RailGuard

Not only does the BeastWire RailGuard provide the necessary handrail requirements, but it also adds an improved safety measure with its wire mesh panel design. This system prevents objects from falling through the open handrail spaces, where traditional handrails fail.

No matter the kind of flooring you may have, the BeastWire RailGuard can be installed into most flooring options-including metal grated, checkered plated resin deck, plywood, and even concrete flooring.

Looking for additional safety precautionary measures? 

We can customize your RailGuard package to include additional mesh options to provide another level of protection.

In Conclusion

If you’d like to see the SpaceGuard BeastWire RailGuard for yourself, then check out the link below for examples and more information: 

Secure, Guard & Protect your industrial work platform with SpaceGuards RailGuard!

Why Smart People Buy BeastWire DEA Cages!

Why Smart People Buy BeastWire DEA Cages!

Federal regulations for the storage of controlled substances and narcotics are strict and for a good reason. But, the common misconception is that an expensive custom application is required to achieve this higher level of security.  BeastWire Mesh DEA cages, however, squash that false belief!

Did you know that BeastWire Mesh partitions meet all US Drug Enforcement Administration’s requirements for physical security of Schedule III through V of controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76

Indeed, you read it correctly! But, how you ask?

Well, by using readily available components including our proprietary growth plate to secure beneath the cage mesh panels and doors, BeastWire provides the desired level of security while offering a cost-effective solution.

So, what makes the BeastWire DEA cages so protective?  Let me explain.

The Mesh Panels

BeastWire pharmaceutical and DEA cages are constructed using panels that meet or exceed the specification. We manufacture our panels using a 10-gauge welded wire mesh with 2” square patterns which are small enough to keep items secure.  The FDA requirement is an opening no larger than 2-1/2”. With our standard mesh panels along with a variety of other mesh options we meet and exceed this requirement.

The Hardware

Whether you’re bolting a panel to a panel or a panel to a post, a breakaway nut or tack welded standard nut is required. Both nuts allow your cages to be tamper proof which means they would have to be cut to be removed. Standard tools such as wrenches and sockets won’t let the nuts/bolts to be stripped from your cage. And because BeastWire uses all straight through carriage bolts for the connections, no nuts should be exposed on the outside of the cage anyways.

The Spacing 

First and foremost, a DEA style cage means there can be absolutely no sweep space below your bottom panel. Second, the cage walls are required to elevate to the underside of your facility’s ceiling.  If the cage is shorter than a mesh ceiling must be added. BeastWire Mesh DEA cage ceiling panels are constructed from the same rigid and heavy-duty materials as the wall panels.

The Doors

BeastWire Mesh DEA Cage Doors conform to all the requirements of 21 CFR 1301.72(b)(3)(ii). Our DEA cages come with either a hinge or slide door and both are available with hydraulic self-closers and provide self-locking capabilities for all mortise cylinder and electronic access control locks. Our slide doors come with hydraulic closers. But, for larger cages, the slide gates can use hard-wired automatic gate closers with a chain-less driver track.

We also offer a variety of controlled entry options, as well. For instance, slide gates with hydraulic closers are often paired with our slide door electric strike—providing additional security and safety measures.

The Approval Process

Our DEA cages go through an extensive and rigorous approval process with a post-installation inspection. This approval process ensures that the cage design and installation meet requirements.

In Conclusion

BeastWire Mesh cages meet and exceed all US Drug Enforcement Administration’s requirements for physical security of pharmaceutical items, narcotics, and other controlled substances.

Let one of our customer service team members help you create your next controlled storage unit. Contact us today!

How Can Your Business Stay NFPA Compliant with BeastWire Warehouse Rack Safety Panels?

How Can Your Business Stay NFPA Compliant?

Your warehouse just received a large shipment of valuable goods which one of the warehouse workers has stored on one of the back-to-back bays of selective pallet rack. Without realizing it, one of the boxes slipped off the pallets and became lodged between the two pallet rack bays. 

Later that night, a minor electrical fire was sparked below the bays. The sprinklers immediately go off which would typically extinguish the fire instantly. However, the box lodged between the two bays is preventing the sprinkler from doing its job. Within minutes, the fire spreads and destroys all your newly imported valuable inventory.  

This scenario makes us at SpaceGuard very sad and is a clear example of an NFPA compliance issue.

What if we told you that we have the absolute perfect solution to prevent fires from happening while keeping your business NFPA compliant? 

What if this same solution was efficient, kept your workers safe from falling objects, and helped prevent facility structure damage? 

Welcome to the world of BeastWire! 

Our BeastWire Rack Safety Panels are the answer to all your concerns.  These panels come in 10 or 6-gauge wire mesh panels and include four styles of brackets. These panels are easily attachable and can be quickly shipped to meet your immediate demand. 

So, how do BeastWire Pallet Rack Safety Mesh Panels keep your business NFPA Compliant? 

We’re glad you asked.

These safety panels keep your inventory on your bays organized and protected—preventing boxes from accidentally falling between the flue spaces. Keep in mind, NFPA regulations require back-to-back bays to have at least six inches of flue space allowing flames to vent up rather than out. It also enables sprinkler systems to put out any of these fires efficiently. 

In Conclusion

By ordering BeastWire Rack Safety Panels for your warehouse, you’ll be adding a critical safety measure to your business. On top of this new safety measure, you’ll be preventing all those valuable goods that you just had imported, from being set on fire. 

Contact us today so we can immediately ship you an order of BeastWire Pallet Rack Safety Mesh Panels to help keep you NFPA compliant.

Now, this makes us at SpaceGuard very happy!