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Top 3 Safety Applications for Warehouse Security Cages

SpaceGuard Products is committed to helping businesses keep their employees and facilities safe. June is National Safety Month. Our warehouse security cages, or as they are typically called—drivers access cages, not only provide security and safety for your employees, but for your facility and inventory.

Episode 5: Safety Compliance from a Regulatory Standpoint

In this episode, Paul Serafini, of Sotera Consulting, explains why safety compliance is so important and the risks involved when businesses fail to comply.

Episode 4: Elevated Platform Safety & Regulations

We’re back for another episode of Safety Task Force, and this week, I am joined by John Sloan, from Legacy Platform, LLC. John discusses different safety solutions and regulations for elevated platforms.

Episode 3: Design Considerations for the Modern Cleanroom

Zac Adams, from Gateway Marketing Solutions, joins me to discuss Modern Cleanrooms and what needs to be considered when installing one for your business.

Episode 2: Data Center Facility Trends & Solutions

Hauris Lewis discusses why Wire Mesh Partitions are the perfect solution for Data Centers and what goes into choosing the best options to suit your needs.

Episode 1: Protective Guarding Safety & Standards

To kick off our podcast I am joined by Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development with SpaceGuard Products, to discuss safety in Protective Guarding.

Introducing: The Safety Task Force Podcast

We are excited to introduce our new podcast, Safety Task Force! Mark your calendars for Monday, May 4th!

At the BEAST Agency, we’re on a mission to secure, guard, and protect our world. The Safety Task Force podcast, hosted by Emily Gibson of SpaceGuard Products, is arming you with the necessary tools to combat safety in our fast-paced, dynamic world.

Need A Controlled Area For Damaged Products? BeastWire Has You Covered!

Do you need a quality control area to keep damaged items secure while it is waiting on an inspection? Then you are not alone.

One company had an issue where possible defective products were disappearing before they had an opportunity to inspected them and determine their functionality. As a result, they reached out to Smith Material Handling, who immediately called SpaceGuard Products.

What’s New With Jushi!

Jushi, one of the largest fiberglass manufacturers in the world, recently opened an 800,000 sq. ft. plant in Columbia, South Carolina—likewise, one of the largest in the state. They have over five manufacturing plants in China, Egypt, and the United States. The U.S. headquarters is in Irwindale, California.

Aged to Perfection with BeastWire

Like most aging buildings in Chicago, the outdated apartments on N. Linder Ave required some attention. Derrick Wlodarz, the owner, knew to remain competitive in the market and maintain happy renters; the apartments needed a facelift.

Weapons Storage Meets National Security with BeastWire

When dealing with firearms, security is paramount. Safely stored weapons are under lock and key. However, for the men and women serving at the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory, it is important for their arms to be readily accessible.

Lites! Camera! Action!

Have you ever been to a concert or a theatre performance and were completely mesmerized by the light show? If you have, then Christie Lites most likely was responsible.

With locations in the UK, Canada, and the United States, Christie Lites Rental Network provides stage lighting services and technical expertise to in industries such as theatre, concerts, special events, tv and film, tradeshows, and corporate gatherings.

Automotive Industry Project

Everyone knows space in a warehouse is a commodity—and, it’s one companies need to maximize for full financial benefits. But what happens if this highly coveted space is limited due to fire regulations? How can a company overcome this challenge? BeastWire offered a creative solution for our customer.

Germania Locker Project

In downtown Milwaukee, an old 1896 office building nestled along the Milwaukee River that once housed the Germania Publishing Company, was in the process of being converted into a new millennial style apartment complex providing mid-level cost. Since the building was part of the Wisconsin Historical Society, the new property owners designed the apartment complex around all the remaining original architecture keeping its Old-World charm.

The BEAST Secures Kong for Another Day!

Learn how the BEAST goes above and beyond to provide additional security for the other beast—the Kong!

When Mike Callahan with DACO Corporation—a long-standing distributor for SpaceGuard Products, found out that his customer was interested in BeastWire Rack Safety Guarding, he didn’t need to look any further. He knew that BeatWire was an exceptional product and would provide the security his customer required.

First Ever Case Study Game Show—Featuring SpaceGuard Products Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

ATTENTION PLEASE! It’s time for another round of (drum roll) SpaceGuard’s Case Study Game Show! Most people are aware our Wire Mesh Storage Lockers are commonly used as tenant storage in apartments and condos. But, did you know there are a variety of other uses for storage lockers too?

Why is Everyone Talking About BeastWire RailGuard?

With the price of real estate on the rise, it’s essential to use every inch of your business’s already acquired space. Whether you have a retail store, storage room, warehouse, factory, or distribution center the utilization of both vertical and horizontal space is vital.

Once your horizontal space is entirely in use, many businesses begin to build up. Building up can involve the installation of mezzanines and industrial work platforms which are perfect ways to make use of your open airspace.

Why Smart People Buy BeastWire DEA Cages!

Federal regulations for the storage of controlled substances and narcotics are strict and for a good reason. But, the common misconception is that an expensive custom application is required to achieve this higher level of security. BeastWire Mesh DEA cages, however, squash that false belief!

Did you know that BeastWire Mesh partitions meet all US Drug Enforcement Administration’s requirements for physical security of Schedule III through V of controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76?

Indeed, you read it correctly! But, how you ask?

How Can Your Business Stay NFPA Compliant with BeastWire Warehouse Rack Safety Panels?

Your warehouse just received a large shipment of valuable goods which one of the warehouse workers has stored on one of the back-to-back bays of selective pallet rack. Without realizing it, one of the boxes slipped off the pallets and became lodged between the two pallet rack bays.