Episode 7: Safely Bringing Employees Back to Work

This week’s guest on the Safety Task Force podcast was Jeff Smagacz, Ergonomics Practice Leader from Marsh. Jeff joined me to talk about the shift in the workplace we’ve all experienced over the last few months. He explains what employers and employees should be concerned about many people are now working from home and how to adjust to the current situation we find ourselves in. He provides great tips to make it through the day and how to set ourselves up for success no matter where we’re working. We discuss how to stay aware, stay engaged, and stay in charge of our workspace. As a lot of business are beginning to bring employees back to the office, we discuss how communication is key. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Listen to Episode 7 below:

  • Shifting to work-from-home fulltime, and now back to the office
  • Setting ourselves up for success while working from home
  • Creating a Playbook for bringing your employees back to the office
  • Keeping all lines of communication open
  • Ways to stay aware, stay engaged and stay in charge of your workspace

Jeff Smagacz

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To Galvanize or Not To Galvanize? That is the Question!


In 2015, SpaceGuard Products submitted a quote to a dealer for a locker project with the MN National Guard Armory. The project was for double tier 3x3x7 and 3x3x6 lockers with steel shelves, leveling legs, and tamper-resistant hardware. The specification also required hot-dipped galvanized lockers.


We informed the dealer and the National Guard contact that a galvanized locker would not pass the test inspection. We provided a quote using standard powder coat paint and took exception to the hot-dipped galvanized specification for the following reasons:

  • Hot dipping warps the panels and leaves sharp edges on the product.
  • BeastWire locker doors are pre-welded to the frame and cannot be galvanized.
  • Galvanizing is an expensive option.

As a result, the dealer submitted our bid using standard paint but pointed out the reasons for the exception to the specification that we requested. However, another dealer with a competitor’s locker won the order using hot-dipped galvanized lockers.

A full-size locker had to be supplied for inspection, approval, and sign off before final approval of the order. The competitor’s locker failed for all the reasons we had mentioned in our original quote.

The sample unit included sharp edges on the angle frame and the wire. The door bracing supports did not meet the specification, and the divider for the double tier lockers was not acceptable. Plus, the competitor refused to fix the problems and proved less than friendly with the contractor. Because of these issues, the National Guard decided to use another manufacturer.


SpaceGuard’s customer service team and our dealer worked with the general contractor to get an exception to the MN National Guard’s original specification. We then sent a BeastWire sample unit for a side-by-side comparison and inspection with the competitor’s locker.

The MN National Guard and the architect on the project were pleased with the better construction, quality, and the overall appearance of the BeastWire locker. As a result, SpaceGuard lockers are now in more than nine additional armory locations.


The SpaceGuard Products team works hard to get things done right the first time. We advocate for the best product for our customers. You will not be disappointed!

Download Case Study PDF

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A Pesky Pigeon Poop Problem


Chicago may be best known as the “Windy City”, but unfortunately, it is also known for the swarm of pigeons that plague the city streets. Pigeon droppings coat sidewalks, porches, and patios, which prove to be a nasty nuisance. As for Derrick Wlodarz—a Chicago apartment owner, he decided to get rid of them once and for all from his building.


Derrick’s family had bought an 80-year, three-story corner building, which at one time was a bank, in an old section of Chicago close to downtown. Like most older buildings, it was built beside another building with only a small gap between them, which helped with air floor and separation.

At one time, this building connected to the next by a small walkway bridge on the second floor that opened to a 16’x20’ patio or open area. It was an odd shape and spanned up towards the 3rd floor of the building.

The patio became home to pigeons looking for shelter from the elements that quickly became an unpleasant mess for the residents.

Before calling SpaceGuard, Derrick tried several other options, including netting, but over time it broke down, and the pigeons returned. Fed up, he reached out SpaceGuard for a final solution which included a complete remodel of the old building. It consisted of a mix-use space—retail in the basement and first floor, and residential apartments on the second and third floors.

During the initial consultation, the SpaceGuard team listened to Wlodarz’s needs and goals and created a comprehensive quote that included complete engineered drawings. But through the conversation, it became evident that Derrick had another problem—homeless persons sleeping in an alcove along the back alleyway.

The team quickly went to work to provide Derrick with a solution for both uninvited guests.


Since Derrick was renovating this old building into a luxury apartment complex, the nook in the alleyway would become the new utility equipment room. To keep people out of this area and provide protection for the utility fixtures, we installed a BeastWire door with a padlock. Eliminating any security concerns and kept people safe.

As for the pigeons, the final solution was to erect an odd-shaped single-wall partition that was 16’ wide x 20’ tall. The posts anchored to the porch floor and extended up to the underside of the third-floor ceiling. The partition panels were made of expanded metal and went from floor to ceiling. The wall was laterally braced every 10 to 17 feet.

The small diamond mesh expanded metal panels along with trimming the top, bottom, and side gaps provided the necessary guarding to keep any size bird out of this area. It offered a clean space while still allowing light and airflow to keep the area cool and dry.


SpaceGuard Products offers many different wire mesh patterns to solve numerous security and guarding requirements. We have the flexibility to find the right wire mesh solution for your application.

Don’t let pesky pigeon poop keep you from providing a safe and well-kept building for your tenants. Give us a call today!

Download Case Study PDF

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BeastWire—DEA Compliant

With many states legalizing recreational and medical use marijuana and cannabis, the need to secure their inventory is necessary to meet government compliance. All DEA cages must meet strict US Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) requirements for the physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76.

Our BeastWire Mesh Partitions meet these DEA requirements, plus we offer over 25-years of experience providing these types of solutions. When properly installed, our cages will always pass DEA inspections.

How Can We Make Such A Bold Statement?

First, BeastWire Mesh cages are available in our standard 2”x2” square 10-gauge and a heavier 6-gauge welded wire mesh. Our 2” square mesh has a 1.87 ID dimension measured across the square. It is also available in our 1-1/2” woven wire diamond mesh, along with smaller mesh sizes in expanded metal or other wire mesh options.

“Having walls constructed of not less than No. 10 gauge steel fabric…Having a mesh construction with openings of not more than two and one-half inches across the square.”  (DEA Spec)

Next, BeastWire posts come in a 14-gauge thick 2” square or larger tube that’s pre-drilled for secure through bolting to the panels and can range in widths up to a maximum of 10-feet. The posts weld to base plates that are pre-drilled for 3/8” lag bolts. Also, the larger panels come reinforced with a one-half inch stiffener bar every 60”.

“Mounted on steel posts, which posts are: at least one inch in diameter…installed with lag bolts that are pinned or brazed; and which are placed no more than ten feet apart with horizontal one and one-half inch reinforcements every sixty inches.” (DEA Spec)

Additionally, BeastWire cages can come equipped with a full ceiling made of the same material as the panels. Or we can design the enclosure to the full height of the enclosed area. However, the installers may need to fill in gaps due to uneven floors or at the top of the cage due to field cut-outs.

“Having a ceiling constructed of the same material, or in the alternative, a cage shall be erected which reaches and is securely attached to the structural ceiling of the building. A lighter gauge of mesh may be used for the ceilings of large enclosures if walls are at least 14 feet in height.” (DEA Spec)

Finally, our cage may be quoted with swing or slide doors that use a mechanical, hydraulic, gravity-based, or powered operated self-closing device, and it comes with the appropriate locking mechanism. Keep in mind that all doors require an electronic alarm system and key control measures outside our product scope. Due to DEA requirements, all doors must be self-closing and self-latching, so we do not include bi-parting gates, Dutch doors, and services windows in BeastWire DEA enclosures.

“Is equipped with a door constructed of No. 10 gauge steel fabric on a metal door frame in a metal door flange, and…is equipped with self-closing, self-locking doors constructed of substantial material commensurate with the type of building construction, provided, however, a door which is kept closed and locked at all times when not in use and when in use is kept under direct observation of a responsible employee or agent of the registrant is permitted in lieu of a self-closing, self-locking door. Doors may be sliding or hinged. Regarding hinged doors, where hinges are mounted on the outside, such hinges shall be sealed, welded, or otherwise constructed to inhibit removal.” (DEA Spec)

And We Don’t Stop There!

While many comparable products meet DEA requirements on the market, we take it a step further to offer exceptional quality and customer service.

Beyond the general standard requirements, we minimize the maintenance sweep space below with channel or angle frame. All hardware, other than exposed anchors, is located on the secure side of the cage for enhanced security.

Also, to help facilitate the DEA inspection approval, we provide drawings in advance of the order and fabrication so that all appropriate parties can review it.

The advantages of SpaceGuard Products DEA compliant enclosures make it ideally suited for pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, and other medical facilities, pharmaceutical distribution centers and warehouses, evidence storage for police stations, border patrol, and courthouses, as well as, record storage/disposal sites. Additionally, we offer unrivaled quality and a Quick-Ship program on all our standard stock materials.

Call us today and let one of our experienced customer service representatives assist you with your next DEA compliant storage cage.

Download Case Study PDF

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Top 3 Safety Applications for Warehouse Security Cages

SpaceGuard Products is committed to helping businesses keep their employees and facilities safe. June is National Safety Month. Our warehouse security cages, or as they are typically called—drivers access cages, not only provide security and safety for your employees, but for your facility and inventory.

1. Control Access Doors—Drivers access cages protect your employees and manufacturing warehouse by limiting access to truck drivers or guests. Drivers cages provide secure building access by preventing unauthorized personnel from entering your facility through an unlocked entrance, such as in the dock area.

Also, these cages can come equipped with service windows to provide guests a counter to sign and pick up paperwork limiting interaction with your employees.

Other options include adding a roof, two- or three-sided cages, panic bar doors, and various locking alternatives, such as key and keyless entry, push-button code entry, and badge entry.

2. Manage Employee Safety—By utilizing these wire mesh access cages throughout your facility, in areas such as forklift paths or welding areas, you can help prevent potentially hazardous accidents from happening to your employees or guests.

3. Protect Valuable Inventory—Limiting unauthorized personnel from roaming your facility, protects your valuable inventory from accidentally “walking off.” Also, tool cages or cribs provide an additional security level to protect your tools, inventory, and other assets from theft.

Don’t forget to ask about our Quick-Ship program. After signed approval drawings, most standard FordLogan and BeastWire Mesh products ship within 3-5 business days.

Call Customer Service for a quick quote and more information. We are happy to assist you as quickly as we can. 1-800-841-0680

Also, throughout the month of June, we will feature additional safety products. Next up…Rack Safety Panels. Learn how to prevent fire damage and stay NFPA compliant!

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Episode 1: Protective Guarding Safety & Standards

To kick off our podcast I am joined by Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development with SpaceGuard Products. Ray is also the Vice Chair of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) and discusses the latest ANSI standard that was recently announced at MODEX 2020. We discuss the benefits of protective guarding in the material handling industry, and how that initial investment can help keep your employees and products safe and secure.

Listen to Episode 1 below:

  • Current trends in Protective Guarding
  • New ANSI Standard MH31.1 Steel Mesh Containment Panels used in Pallet Rack and Vertical Storage Systems Applications: Performance and Testing Requirements
  • Financial benefits to installing Protective Guarding in your facility

Ray Niemeyer, SpaceGuard Products

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Need A Controlled Area For Damaged Products? BeastWire Has You Covered!


Do you need a quality control area to keep damaged items secure while it is waiting on an inspection? Then you are not alone.

One company had an issue where possible defective products were disappearing before they had an opportunity to inspected them and determine their functionality. As a result, they reached out to Smith Material Handling, who immediately called SpaceGuard Products.


Smith Material Handling has been selling BeastWire Product line for many years, and they know the versatility it offers. BeastWire Mesh cages come fully welded with standard 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire providing unrivaled strength and stability.

For this project, SpaceGuard customer service designed a two-sided wire mesh cage that was 12’8″ h x 20’6″ w with a 5’x7′ sliding door. It attached to the back wall of the facility and along an already existing cage providing a secure area to store products they did not want to “walk-off”.

Smith Material Handling installed the cage quickly and easily with the BeastWire universal panels and posts. These panels stack between universal posts for a secure and straightforward installation. And, for added protection, all the hardware bolts on the protected side of the cage—meaning it is tamper-proof and your valuables are safe inside.


After installing, the customer loved the quality of our BeastWire cage so much; they decided to replace an existing competitor’s cage with another BeastWire product. For us, that is as good as it gets.

Want to keep people out and protect your valuables? BeastWire Mesh has you covered!

Request your next BeastWire Wire Mesh project quote.
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What’s New With Jushi!


Jushi, one of the largest fiberglass manufacturers in the world, recently opened an 800,000 sq. ft. plant in Columbia, South Carolina—likewise, one of the largest in the state. They have over five manufacturing plants in China, Egypt, and the United States. The U.S. headquarters is in Irwindale, California.

As a leading supplier of fiberglass reinforcements and reinforced plastics, Jushi manufacturers glass fibers and pellets. This light-weight material is then “used to make everything from car engines and windmills to jet skis, oil platforms, and broom handles.” (article written by Jeff Wilkinson, The State)


With over 400 employees and many machines and robots in use, Jushi needed to provide a high level of protection and security to avoid unnecessary workplace accidents while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic environment. But, with the size of the plant and the amount of machinery used, providing adequate protection and guarding for their people, faculty, and their property appeared daunting.

Automated transport systems, weaved throughout the plant, carried products and supplies to several locations. Aisle barriers were essential to keep personnel away from encountering the machinery, including around stationery robotic machinery as well.

Also, a primary concern for Jushi management included protecting heavy equipment being transported from one level to another on a mechanical vertical lift, or VRC’s.

Protective guarding around the VRC prevents objects or the material from falling off into aisleways or being damaged during transport. And, with the plant utilizing mezzanines to maximize space, they needed infill panels to prevent projectiles and other falling objects from exiting the elevated work platform.

Another major challenge included a quick turn-around on delivery and installation. The construction of the plant happened fast, and once the equipment was delivered, Jushi needed the protective panels delivered and installed immediately.


The solution was simple—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. Jushi reached out to KabTech, located in the Carolinas, to advise them on the best products to meet their challenges.

George Reno, with KabTech, contacted SpaceGuard Products for help. He knew that with BeastWire’s universal posts and panels and its clean, sleek look, BeastWire would exceed all of his customer’s expectations.
To maintain an aesthetic look throughout the facility, Jushi required that all panels meet a 4’ on center from post-to-post along the centerline.

For BeastWire, that wasn’t a problem. Our AisleGuard panels already came manufactured that way. Although the remainder of the panels would require a custom design, SpaceGuard was still able to meet the delivery demands of the project.

With tight delivery deadlines, loaded trucks left the SpaceGuard dock every week to two weeks for a few months. Then with BeastWire’s universal panels and posts, KabTech found installation a breeze.


When security and protection are of the highest importance, you can count on SpaceGuard Products to provide an exceptional product—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. We were able to help Jushi meet their physical requirements for aisle and mezzanine guarding while also providing superior customer service. Additionally, BeastWire offered the type of polished design Jushi management requested for the manufacturing plant.

“SpaceGuard has always been a top shelf supplier for us. I can always count on first rate assistance and product performance. All of the staff at SpaceGuard, from sales to shipping do there best to insure a quality product will arrive correct and on time.” —George Reno, KabTech

Download Printable PDF of “What’s New With Jushi!”


BeastWire Mesh RailGuard
BeastWire RailGuard at Jushi
BeastWire Robotic Guarding
BeastWire Machine Guarding and AisleGuard - Jushi
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Aged to Perfection with BeastWire


Like most aging buildings in Chicago, the outdated apartments on N. Linder Ave required some attention. Derrick Wlodarz, the owner, knew to remain competitive in the market and maintain happy renters; the apartments needed a facelift.

Wlodarz decided to modernize the apartments with marble countertops, upgraded appliances, and contemporary hardwood flooring. In addition to the new upgrades, he renovated the basement space in both buildings offering 24 new tenant storage units. The monthly rent includes these new units—an added benefit setting him apart from the competition.


With so many wire mesh companies to choose from, Wlodarz eventually narrowed it down to two. The first one, he met at a local tradeshow but wasn’t too impressed with their level of customer service.

They refused to make a site visit before giving a quote stating the project wasn’t big enough to warrant one. Derrick found this approach disturbing and insulting. He knew issues with the overhead utilities and duck work could pose a problem if not worked into the quote from the onset.

Then Derrick found SpaceGuard Products online. After his initial call to customer service, Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development, reached out to him immediately. Ray scheduled a site visit for the following week.
During the visit, Ray found a few homemade wooden lockers used for tenant storage. Enclosed wooden storage units increase the potential for fire hazards because its an added fuel source. The solid-wall design impedes quick fire suppression and makes it harder to extinguish. Also, wooden lockers prevent adequate visibility of the contents inside.

For these reasons, Chicago fire inspectors discourage the use of wooden tenant lockers.


After the initial consultation and thoroughly listening to Wlodarz goals, the SpaceGuard team created a comprehensive quote that included complete engineered drawings. The plan incorporated the overhead obstructions while maximizing floor space to provide for various size storage units which the owner required.

The floor plan included 12 BeastWire lockers in each building plus four additional units used for extra rental income. The locker sizes corresponded with the size of the apartments. The larger the apartment, the bigger the locker size.

The planning team made another site visit to present the locker proposal to the customer and the contractor. They confirmed that the units would adequately fit in the space available and made any final changes before production. This step is crucial to keep everyone on the same page and establish appropriate expectations during the planning process.

The team also worked with the contractor to determine the most productive and practical solution for installation. In the end, the contractor hired a certified SpaceGuard installer to assemble the BeastWire lockers saving time and money.

With product knowledge and effective communication regarding the problematic areas, the installers completed the project in three days and ahead of schedule.


SpaceGuard Products’ customer service and attention to detail made the process simple. “They were interested in working with me to solve my issues while providing clear and consistent communication from start to finish,” stated Wlodarz. “SpaceGuard Products has good people, products, and excellent customer service!”

Pleased with the reliable quality of the BeastWire Locker, Derrick Wlodarz and his tenants have a renewed confidence that their valuables now remain safe and secure.

“SpaceGuard’s customer service responded the same day I submitted my online request. I received an email letting me know a representative would contact me within 24 hours. SpaceGuard’s overall response was timely and quick.” —Derrick Wlodarz, Managing Member at Liberty Properties LLC

Download Printable PDF of “Aged to Perfection with BeastWire”


BeastWire Tenant Storage Lockers
BeastWire Storage Cages
N. Linder Ave. Apartments
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Weapons Storage Meets National Security with BeastWire


When dealing with firearms, security is paramount. Safely stored weapons are under lock and key. However, for the men and women serving at the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory, it is important for their arms to be readily accessible.

During a recent renovation, this concern was raised. Maintaining ample storage space for munitions was also a priority. Would there be a way to fulfill these seemingly conflicting goals? Yes – the BeastWire product addressed these issues and performed beyond expectations.


The Army National Guard of the United States must maintain preparedness for civil defense, disaster relief, and other vital duties. As part of this ongoing task, the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory was recently renovated. The project focus was on updating aging equipment and increasing livability.

Berlin’s armory acts as a local office and gathering point for National Guard service members and staff. But, of course, the armory must also serve as storage for weapons and munitions. The proposed renovations were needed to address this crucial storage function.

In the interest of security, details about the quantity and type of arms stored at the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory are restricted. But as you can imagine, any armory’s inventory of weapons would be considerable. Certain materials had been stored behind an aging wire mesh room partition.

An adequate replacement wire mesh partition room was needed. Beyond accommodating the armory’s space requirements, renovations to storage space also needed to be secure. Fittings would need to be robust, intrusion-resistant, and easily locked.


Partition Plus, a distributor of bathroom stalls, washroom accessories, Division 10 products, and room dividers was tasked, by the contractor conducting the renovations, with supplying a new wire mesh room partition that would address the above-mentioned needs.

Partition Plus staff turned to SpaceGuard and BeastWire to produce the required wire mesh partition. The distributor knew if any company could offer an affordable, strong mesh partition, it was SpaceGuard. This is especially true given BeastWire’s widespread reputation for securing firearms and ammunition in homes, at retail locations, and in police stations and military bases.

Shortly after the initial request, SpaceGuard provided plans for a custom wire mesh partition to create the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory weapons vault. The contractor and customer approved the design and within days of the order, the components were arriving at the National Guard Armory job site.


SpaceGuard delivered on the expectations for the wire mesh partition room, allowing the contractor to remain on schedule and within budget. The Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory was very pleased with the security and usability of the new weapons storage solution.

Partition Plus now advertises BeastWire on their online store and is happy to quote any wire mesh room partition project.

*Case Study submitted by Partition Plus.

“I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for a wire mesh project. It was quick, easy, and the customer loved it. What more could you ask for?”
—Bill Milam, of the Online Sales Team at Partition Plus

Download Printable PDF of “Weapons Storage Meets National Security with BeastWire”


BeastWire Mesh Caging
BeastWire Mesh Caging
BeastWire Mesh Caging
BeastWire Mesh Caging
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Lites! Camera! Action!


Have you ever been to a concert or a theatre performance and were completely mesmerized by the light show? If you have, then Christie Lites most likely was responsible.

With locations in the UK, Canada, and the United States, Christie Lites Rental Network provides stage lighting services and technical expertise to in industries such as theatre, concerts, special events, tv and film, tradeshows, and corporate gatherings.

Recently, in their Orlando, Florida location, they needed a secure storage area that protected high valuable lighting parts before being added into their retail inventory. They required a system that would include multiple gate openings for forklifts while still providing the ability to control stock and maintain accurate product counts.


With a high-volume location in Orlando, Florida, Christie Lites needed a secure storage area to manage inventory entering the building. They wanted a modular design that provided easy installation and allowed for air flow while maintaining inventory security.

The wire mesh caging was intended to provide a flexible quarantined staging area for inbound receiving of high-valued inventory, which included checking for product count accuracy and labeling before placement in their retail stock.

It was also essential to work with a solution provider, who if needed, could provide a quick turn-around on any additional caging materials due to reconfigurations during the installation process. The provider needed to be flexible with appropriate inventory on hand in order to ship the new product quickly.


The solution was simple—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. With its universal posts, panels, and simplified hardware, BeastWire was easy to install without compromising the integrity of the caging system which secures the products. The partitions, constructed of steel mesh, allowed for unobstructed views and circulation of light and air while still maintaining its structural purpose.

BeastWire’s flexible design allowed Christie Lites to arrange the panels and posts as needed to achieve the desired heights and widths. Using growth plates, they were able to maximize the use of standard panels and post to easily integrate various size openings—allowing for multiple gate locations wide enough for forklift traffic.


When security and protection are of the highest importance, you can count on SpaceGuard Products to provide an exceptional product—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. We were able to help Christie Lites by meeting their physical requirements for security caging while also providing superior customer service. We did this by ensuring a quick turn-around time on the shipment of new material due to onsite design changes after the initial delivery.

“We were extremely very satisfied with the turn-around time we received from SpaceGuard Products on additional wire mesh parts that we needed due to design changes on our part.” —Dan Souwand, VP Equipment, Systems and Warehousing, Christie Lites

Download Printable PDF of “Lites! Camera! Action!”


Christie Lites Caging Project
BeastWire Mesh Partitions
BeastWire Mesh Panels for Christie Lites
Christie Lites Caging Project
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Automotive Industry Project

How To Maximize Warehouse Space Without Upsetting Your Insurance Carrier


Everyone knows space in a warehouse is a commodity—and, it’s one companies need to maximize for full financial benefits. But what happens if this highly coveted space is limited due to fire regulations? How can a company overcome this challenge? BeastWire offered a creative solution for our customer.


A tier-one supplier to the North American automotive industry was sourcing guarding for 200 bays of pallet rack. Due to the nature of the materials stored on the rack, each level required fire suppression which prohibited them from maximizing the full capacity of the open storage space available.

The sprinkler heads protruded below the rack beams into the open storage space. The customer needed to reduce the height of the pallet loads on each level preventing them from maximizing their storage potential.

Their solution needed to be both rigid and porous. Solid steel materials such as additional rack beams were unacceptable since they could potentially obstruct the reach of the sprinklers in the event of a fire. Furthermore, any solution that the customer came up with to protect the sprinkler equipment had to be approved by its insurance carrier.


An engineer responsible for the project met SpaceGuard at a major national tradeshow and was introduced to the BeastWire Mesh Guarding brand. He concluded that the BeastWire material was heavier-duty than any other steel mesh product he observed at this show.

SpaceGuard designed a special 8” high panel to fit directly below the rack beam and extend the minimal required distance to protect the sprinkler heads adequately. Also, sample panels were provided directly to the customer before an order to ensure the customer’s insurance carrier was equally pleased with the chosen solution.


SpaceGuard worked the sales lead through one of its trusted partners, Hy-Tek Integrated Systems who handled the scheduling, project management, and installation. SpaceGuard and Hy-Tek were able to move the ship dates up to meet the customer’s tight timeline. It was such a successful project that the customer has since ordered additional materials for another warehouse.

Download Printable PDF of “How To Maximize Warehouse Space Without Upsetting Your Insurance Carrier”


8"BeastWire Mesh panel on rack upright
BeastWire Mesh Guarding
BeastWire Mesh Guarding
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Germania Locker Project

A Clear Case of Over-Promising and Under-Performing


In downtown Milwaukee, an old 1896 office building nestled along the Milwaukee River that once housed the Germania Publishing Company, was in the process of being converted into a new millennial style apartment complex providing mid-level cost. Since the building was part of the Wisconsin Historical Society, the new property owners designed the apartment complex around all the remaining original architecture keeping its Old-World charm.

With 90 units and two businesses on the premise, part of the renovation included bike and single-tier storage lockers to meet the active lifestyles of Millennials. These lockers located on the first floor and in the basement gave their tenants storage options for seasonal items along with sports equipment such as hiking and camping gear, water & snow skis, sailing gear, and golf clubs.

A local dealer secured the order with another wire mesh manufacturer, who promised to deliver the necessary lockers in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, the manufacturer ended up not being able to fulfill the order —a clear case of over-promising and under-performing.


The dealer immediately called SpaceGuard with a specific budget and need for quick delivery.  SpaceGuard worked out the pricing and was there to fulfill the entire order with stock material in a short window of time, beating the lead-time of the original locker manufacturer. To address the general contractor’s product installation needs, material staging restrictions, and other construction closeout issues, the BeastWire shipment was processed into two separate orders—the second shipment followed 10-days after the first.

SpaceGuard processed 90 standard—8’high single tier lockers that were 3’wide and 5’deep.  The 8’ in height was perfect for this client because their facility storage rooms had 9’ceilings. This height provided the tenants’ maximum storage and security while respecting their fire sprinkler accessibility needs.

The dealer delivered the lockers on time, allowing the general contractor to maintain the project’s close-out schedule.


When we asked the dealer about their client’s experience with the BeastWire Storage Lockers, they stated that the property manager and renters were thrilled with the sturdy locker design and easy open/close doors.  Property management also loved that the lockers came with a reliable 10-year structural warranty—the best in the business.


The Germania Locker project could’ve been a professional disaster for the dealer, but because they called SpaceGuard Products, we were able to help them with our BeastWire Mesh product line. How?

BeastWire Quick Ship Program—Standard stock panels typically ships within a few days.

SpaceGuard Products customer service listened to our dealer’s needs & processed the order in two shipments allowing the GC to meet crucial close-out deadlines.

BeastWire offers a 10-year structural warranty offering extra security & a high level of quality for our dealers & their customers.

Download Printable PDF of The Germania Locker Project Case Study.

Full Lockers in Germania Building
Empty basement room
Basement before installation of lockers
Empty Lockers prior to completion of construction
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The BEAST Secures Kong for Another Day!

Pallet Rack Storage Systems
Pallet Rack Safety Guarding

“They had seen the BeastWire online and the fact that they were already interested in this product means that I didn’t even have to offer other rack security products. BeastWire is a great value and is made by a company that makes a great product. I had done other projects with BeastWire and was able to send the clients pictures so that they could see it was a great looking product that would also provide the protection necessary.” —Mike Callahan, DACO Corporation

Learn how the BEAST goes above and beyond to provide additional security for the other beast—the Kong!

When Mike Callahan with DACO Corporation—a long-standing distributor for SpaceGuard Products, found out that his customer was interested in BeastWire Rack Safety Guarding, he didn’t need to look any further. He knew that BeatWire was an exceptional product and would provide the security his customer required.

“The client had complete faith in Mike to not only have their best interests at heart when proposing a solution but also to take care of their needs in the best possible way throughout the process.”—excerpt from MHEDA Journal, The BEAST Secures Kong for Another Day

Click on the link below to read the entire article written by the MHEDA Journal (bottom right on pg. 59). Then contact us directly at 812.523.3044 or sales@SpaceGuardProducts.com. Let our Customer Service Team and the BEAST provide you with an exceptional product and great service for your customers!

The BEAST Secures Kong for Another Day!

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First Ever Case Study Game Show—Featuring SpaceGuard Products Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

ATTENTION PLEASE! It’s time for another round of (drum roll) SpaceGuard’s Case Study Game Show! Most people are aware our Wire Mesh Storage Lockers are commonly used as tenant storage in apartments and condos. But, did you know there are a variety of other uses for storage lockers too?

In today’s Game Show episode, we will delve into a stunning example of the various uses of SpaceGuard’s Wire Mesh Storage Lockers. The winner of this show will win (another drum roll please)—a ridiculous amount of valuable information. This information can help ease any questions you might have when it comes time to purchase your own wire mesh storage lockers.

Let the games begin!

Today’s Challenge

In Orlando, Florida, a creator of innovative dietary supplements opened a new headquarters to expand their production capabilities. Not only does their headquarters house their manufacturing operations, the facility also packages the various nutritional supplements for international distribution.

Both the company’s own internal control processes department and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require visible and secure storage for their dietary labels until placed on the product. This company needed a storage facility within their facility to meet these requirements initiating the search for a perfect solution.

So, how did we solve their need?  Care to take a wild guess?

Your Guess

With a need for a secure storage solution, this Orlando facility reached out to Curlin Inc. (a local integrator of material handling systems and solutions). After a thorough consultation, the Orlando company chose SpaceGuard’s Wire Mesh Storage Lockers constructed with 10-gauge triple-crimped woven wire securely welded to a full steel frame. The wire mesh design permitted full visibility of the secured labels, allowing the company to meet FDA regulations.

Each SpaceGuard Storage Locker consisted of fully framed panels with zero posts. This meant that the product went up faster than other wire locker products on the market. The customer also requested to have an integrated label organization system installed inside each unit. Pegboard Wall Storage Systems were easily attached to the angle framed panels, sandwich bolting them through the wire mesh (see pictures below).


If that was your guess, then…CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON! You’re the winner of…VALUABLE INFORMATION! Thanks for playing today’s round of SpaceGuard’s Case Study Game Show!

Contact our Customer Service Team for an immediate locker quote.

Game Show Host
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Why is Everyone Talking About BeastWire RailGuard?

Mezzanine Rail Guard-Elevated Platform
Tire Rack and BeastWire RailGuard
Mezzanine Guarding Panels

Why is Everyone Talking About BeastWire RailGuard?

With the price of real estate on the rise, it’s essential to use every inch of your business’s already acquired space. Whether you have a retail store, storage room, warehouse, factory, or distribution center the utilization of both vertical and horizontal space is vital.

Once your horizontal space is entirely in use, many businesses begin to build up. Building up can involve the installation of mezzanines and industrial work platforms which are perfect ways to make use of your open airspace.

With new and existing mezzanines and work platforms come necessary safety measures to protect your employees. Most mezzanines use a standard open handrail design with a mid-rail and kick-plate to make sure people don’t fall off the edge of the platform.

But what many businesses don’t think about is the risk of small and medium size items falling through the large handrail opening-leading to significant safety issues for those working below. Nobody wants to be hit in the head with a random box or heavy item while in the middle of their shift.

If you’d like to take safety measures to the next level, we have the perfect solution for you.

For instance—

  • When ordering a new mezzanine or industrial work platform, request to have SpaceGuard RailGuard handrail system designed into your system.
  • Also, if you have an existing platform, attach SpaceGuard mesh panels to the handrails or replace it entirely with a new RailGuard system!
Introducing SpaceGuard’s BeastWire RailGuard

Not only does the BeastWire RailGuard provide the necessary handrail requirements, but it also adds an improved safety measure with its wire mesh panel design. This system prevents objects from falling through the open handrail spaces, where traditional handrails fail.

No matter the kind of flooring you may have, the BeastWire RailGuard can be installed into most flooring options-including metal grated, checkered plated resin deck, plywood, and even concrete flooring.

Looking for additional safety precautionary measures? 

We can customize your RailGuard package to include additional mesh options to provide another level of protection.

In Conclusion

If you’d like to see the SpaceGuard BeastWire RailGuard for yourself, then check out the link below for examples and more information: www.beastwiremesh.com/railguard. 

Secure, Guard & Protect your industrial work platform with SpaceGuards RailGuard!

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