How Can Your Business Stay NFPA Compliant with BeastWire Warehouse Rack Safety Panels?

How Can Your Business Stay NFPA Compliant?

Your warehouse just received a large shipment of valuable goods that a warehouse worker has stored on one of the back-to-back bays of a selective pallet rack. Without realizing it, one of the boxes slipped off the pallets and became lodged between the two pallet rack bays. 

Later that night, a minor electrical fire was sparked below the bays. The sprinklers immediately release which would typically extinguish the fire instantly. However, the box lodged between the two bays is preventing the sprinkler from doing its job. Within minutes, the fire spreads and destroys all your newly imported valuable inventory.  

This scenario is a clear example of an NFPA compliance issue.

What if we told you that we have the absolute perfect solution to prevent fires from happening while keeping your business NFPA compliant? 

What if this same solution was efficient, kept your workers safe from falling objects, and helped prevent facility structure damage? 

Welcome to the world of BeastWire! 

Our BeastWire Rack Safety Panels are the answer to all your concerns.  These panels come in 10 or 6-gauge wire mesh panels and include four styles of brackets. These panels are easily attachable and can be quickly shipped to meet your immediate demand. 

So, how do BeastWire Pallet Rack Safety Mesh Panels keep your business NFPA Compliant? 

We’re glad you asked.

These safety panels keep your inventory on your bays organized and protected—preventing boxes from accidentally falling between the flue spaces. Keep in mind, NFPA regulations require back-to-back bays to have at least six inches of flue space allowing flames to vent up rather than out. It also enables sprinkler systems to put out any of these fires efficiently. 

In Conclusion

By ordering BeastWire Rack Safety Panels for your warehouse, you’ll be adding a critical safety measure to your business. On top of this new safety measure, you’ll be preventing all those valuable goods that you just had imported, from being set on fire. 

Contact us today so we can immediately ship you an order of BeastWire Pallet Rack Safety Mesh Panels to help keep you NFPA compliant.

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Episode 1: Protective Guarding Safety & Standards

To kick off our podcast I am joined by Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development with SpaceGuard Products. Ray is also the Vice Chair of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) and discusses the latest ANSI standard that was recently announced at MODEX 2020. We discuss the benefits of protective guarding in the material handling industry, and how that initial investment can help keep your employees and products safe and secure.

Listen to Episode 1 below:

  • Current trends in Protective Guarding
  • New ANSI Standard MH31.1 Steel Mesh Containment Panels used in Pallet Rack and Vertical Storage Systems Applications: Performance and Testing Requirements
  • Financial benefits to installing Protective Guarding in your facility

Ray Niemeyer, SpaceGuard Products

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Automotive Industry Project

How To Maximize Warehouse Space Without Upsetting Your Insurance Carrier


Everyone knows space in a warehouse is a commodity—and, it’s one companies need to maximize for full financial benefits. But what happens if this highly coveted space is limited due to fire regulations? How can a company overcome this challenge? BeastWire offered a creative solution for our customer.


A tier-one supplier to the North American automotive industry was sourcing guarding for 200 bays of pallet rack. Due to the nature of the materials stored on the rack, each level required fire suppression which prohibited them from maximizing the full capacity of the open storage space available.

The sprinkler heads protruded below the rack beams into the open storage space. The customer needed to reduce the height of the pallet loads on each level preventing them from maximizing their storage potential.

Their solution needed to be both rigid and porous. Solid steel materials such as additional rack beams were unacceptable since they could potentially obstruct the reach of the sprinklers in the event of a fire. Furthermore, any solution that the customer came up with to protect the sprinkler equipment had to be approved by its insurance carrier.


An engineer responsible for the project met SpaceGuard at a major national tradeshow and was introduced to the BeastWire Mesh Guarding brand. He concluded that the BeastWire material was heavier-duty than any other steel mesh product he observed at this show.

SpaceGuard designed a special 8” high panel to fit directly below the rack beam and extend the minimal required distance to protect the sprinkler heads adequately. Also, sample panels were provided directly to the customer before an order to ensure the customer’s insurance carrier was equally pleased with the chosen solution.


SpaceGuard worked the sales lead through one of its trusted partners, Hy-Tek Integrated Systems who handled the scheduling, project management, and installation. SpaceGuard and Hy-Tek were able to move the ship dates up to meet the customer’s tight timeline. It was such a successful project that the customer has since ordered additional materials for another warehouse.

Download Printable PDF of “How To Maximize Warehouse Space Without Upsetting Your Insurance Carrier”


8"BeastWire Mesh panel on rack upright
BeastWire Mesh Guarding
BeastWire Mesh Guarding
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