Government / Military

Military Lockers

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When it comes to working on government and military projects, there are countless opportunities to use BeastWire systems. Since BeastWire systems are modular, they are perfect for any situation regardless of overall project size; from a small tool crib at your State’s Department of Transportation to a massive set of cages in an Armed Force Reserve Center.

You can find BeastWire protecting people and their assets at a local police/fire department, USPS sortation facilities, National Guard Armories, prisons, and military bases around the globe. And, since BeastWire systems can use a variety of mesh types and patterns, you’ll always be able to match an existing specification. From large to small, BeastWire does it all!

The following list is a sampling of common applications for Government and Military projects:

  • TA-50 Military Lockers
  • Duffel Bag Storage Cages
  • Supply Room Storage/Barriers
  • Motor Pool Enclosures
  • Temporary Holding Cells
  • Evidence Lock-up
  • Pedestrian Barriers at Airports