Industrial / Manufacturing


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According to statistics from OSHA, nearly 20% of workplace fatalities occurred due to electrocutions, being struck by an object, or being caught-in/between a machine. With automated machinery, robots, and conveyors in the vast majority of manufacturing settings, it is critical to separate people from these potential dangers. Likewise, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health, forklifts injure workers every single day amounting to over 20,000 injuries in the USA annually.

BeastWire systems from SpaceGuard can prevent these unfortunate circumstances from occurring with proper planning and engineering. For example, using BeastWire as a pedestrian barrier allows a manufacturer to dictate the flow of foot traffic throughout their facility. This prevents employees and guests from entering areas that have a higher risk for injury.

Another common reason for workplace injuries and fatalities is due to falling objects. Sometimes items fall from a bay of pallet racking or materials can even fall from an existing mezzanine. BeastWire Rack Safety Systems are designed to prevent items from falling off of a bay of racking. Brackets allow for varying offsets and systems can be designed to go above the uppermost bay, ensuring proper coverage and safety.

To keep items secure atop a mezzanine, infill panels can be used to fill in handrails. Or, for complete security, BeastWire cages can be designed at varying heights to prevent items from falling. BeastWire’s welded mesh provides maximum security while still allowing for proper

The following list is a sampling of common applications for Industrial & Manufacturing settings: