Office / Residential

BeastWire Storage Lockers

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Although BeastWire systems are traditionally used in industrial settings, various storage opportunities exist in offices as well, including: employee lockers, computer equipment enclosures, and supply cages. On the residential front, homeowners use BeastWire storage lockers to lock-up tools, guns, sporting equipment, sports memorabilia, and more. If you’re looking to securely store larger items like ATV’s, boats, or motorcycles, larger cages can be designed to fit within your barn or garage.

For multi-family residential settings like apartments and condos, BeastWire Tenant Storage Lockers provide secured storage instantly. Use BeastWire lockers and turn that basement into added storage for your tenants! Unlike solid lockers, welded wire lockers allow for proper flow of air, light, and heat.

BeastWire benefits for residential and office applications:

  • Fully framed panels are bolted through square posts and stacked to reach any height requirement.
  • Universal parts in standard sizes are kept in stock allowing for quick shipment and low prices!
  • Polyester powder coat finish provides a lasting look that holds up longer than enamel-based paints.
  • Standard paint is BLACK, with options for GRAY, BLUE, GREEN, RED, YELLOW, WHITE, or BeastWire ORANGE. Custom colors available upon request.
  • Welded wire mesh (standard) provides proper security while allowing for easy cutouts in the field.