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BeastWire Partitions

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Retailers are always looking to mitigate theft of their products, especially for items that are higher in value. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, shoplifting shrinkage costs US retailers nearly $42 billion a year. To prevent this, many retailers are utilizing secured storage cages to keep their goods safe.

With BeastWire’s welded wire design, many cages wind up on the sales floor acting as both a storage solution and a product display. The high-quality polyester powder coat provides a lasting finish that also looks good even in the highest end retailers.

You might be surprised, but BeastWire lockers and cages are in restaurants across the country, including many national chains. You’ll often find BeastWire storage products being used to protect wine and liquor in bar/restaurant backrooms. If you need a mobile storage unit, ask us about our Portable Storage Lockers.

BeastWire benefits for restaurant and retail applications:

  • Welded wire design is clean and visually appealing, allowing for cages to be used on and off the sales floor
  • Systems can be designed to include ceilings to provide full protection.
  • Lockers can be mobile or stationary
  • Wide range of lock options provide maximum security