Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BeastWire and where did it come from?

BeastWire Mesh Guarding is the flagship product line designed and manufactured by SpaceGuard Products, Inc ( With over 25 years of experience producing high-quality storage and security solutions, BeastWire was created to provide customers with one-stop shopping on all of their secured storage needs: Wire Mesh Partitions, Robotic Guarding, Rack Safety Systems, Storage Lockers, and Infill Panels

Why should I use BeastWire for my current project?

BeastWire systems are an excellent solution for any job due to easy customization, universal components, and a durable design utilizing welded wire. With a host of wire mesh varieties to choose from, you’ll be able to meet or exceed any number of new construction documents. BeastWire systems are modular which means that installations take a fraction of the time when compared to systems with wire webs that need to be self-tapped into place.

If timing is critical, consider this: standard BeastWire systems are kept in stock allowing for materials to be shipped quickly. Stocked product also means price savings!

What options are available if I need a custom height/door/lock/etc?

BeastWire Mesh Guarding systems have a range of customizable options which vary based on the product type you need. For example, wire mesh partitions can be customized to meet any height requirements, plus, panels can also be tapered to match existing roof lines. If you need a custom door or lock, please see our Lock & Closing Options page. Or, contact our exceptional sales team and we’ll work with you to design a system that meets all of your specifications.

I have an existing BeastWire system. Can I change the size or configuration?

Absolutely. BeastWire systems are modular meaning you can add or subtract panels, rearrange the cage to change door locations, and even divide existing cages into smaller enclosures.

What does “sweep space” mean?

Sweep space is the distance that exists in between the base of the panels and the floor. This space is designed to allow for general housekeeping purposes. BeastWire Mesh Partitions all have a 2” sweep space (standard) allowing for proper access.
For instances where security is heightened, such as a DEA application, BeastWire partitions can be equipped with our unique Growth Channels which fill in the sweep space ensuring maximum security. Sweep spaces can be custom designed to meet your specific needs; contact us today to learn more.