Pallet Rack Safety Systems

Rack Safety System

Rack Safety System


Walk into any warehouse or manufacturing facility and you’ll encounter one of the key components to the material handling industry, pallet rack safety systems. Though they vary in type and design, all pallet rack systems are used to keep products organized and to provide additional storage space by working vertically. According to the Aigner Index, “nearly 80% of all industrial storage is on pallet rack.”

BeastWire rack safety systems are designed to keep products and personnel safe by preventing items from falling and landing on passersby. The fully framed welded wire panels attach to the existing uprights via our innovative L-shaped and Sleeve brackets. With the L-shaped brackets, offsets can be adjusted in the field using various pre-punched holes. The sleeve brackets use a U-shaped bolt which is designed to go around an upright; a great option when attaching to an upright is not allowed.

To secure items on the front of pallet racking and to thwart theft, consider using a bi-parting hinge door. All doors are equipped with a padlock hasp and install in minutes. Panels can be supplied to protect the ends/sides of pallet racking and attach with basic angle clips.

  • Welded wire design provides ultimate strength and durability.
  • Bi-parting hinge doors add a level of security to the front of pallet racking
  • Multiple bracket types ensure that BeastWire rack safety panels will attach to any upright.
  • Installs quicker than safety netting and provides a more resilient solution.
  • All systems come finished in a polyester powder coat (BLACK) which lasts longer than enamel based finishes.

To make sure you have all of the necessary information required, please download and use the following RFQ template for our BeastWire rack safety systems:

Rack System RFQ Sheet

Technical Specifications

Rack Safety System Panels


Panels are welded at all corners with mesh securely welded into a 1-1/4” x 1/8” thick angle. To provide coverage, panels will stack to meet the desired heights. For example, in a 10’W x 14’H bay, you would use (2ea) RS50’s & (1ea) RS40.

Standard sized panels are designed to match the beam length; however, panels can also be customized to fit a variety of applications.

Full Enclosures: Panels, along with flush-mount brackets, can be used to secure the ends/sides of the rack.

Oversized Bays: Bays wider than 10’ require (2ea) panels adjoined with our splice plates (RSPLICE).

Rack Safety Bi-Part Door and Pivot Bracket

Bi-Parting Hinge Doors

Doors are composed of the same materials as the rear and end panels. Each bi-parting hinge door comes with a padlock hasp which locks in the middle.

All BeastWire Rack Safety doors come with pivot brackets which attach directly to the existing uprights.

RB06 & RB12 Brackets

Grrripper Brackets & Angle Clips

Depending on the offset required (distance between rack panels and backside of uprights), there are 3 sizes of L-shaped brackets for attaching BeastWire rack safety panels. The first option is to use flush-mount brackets (angle clips) which provide 0” offset. The other two sizes of L-shaped brackets allow the customer to adjust the offset in the field via pre-punched holes.

RB06: L-shaped bracket with adjustable offset of 4”, 5” or 6”
RB12: L-shaped bracket with adjustable offset of 8”, 10” or 12”

Sleeve (Universal) Brackets

BeastWire universal brackets are designed to be used in situations when offsets might need to be continually adjusted or in instances when the uprights are not the industry standard tear-drop style. These sleeve brackets use a collar which slides along the 2” post providing offsets from 2” to 12”. Instead of using existing holes on the uprights, the sleeve brackets connect using a simple U-shaped bolt which goes around the existing upright

Black Finish


Panels, doors, and posts are phosphate washed with a standard finish of polyester powder coat in high quality black. Also available in 5 additional standard colors (grey, yellow, red, blue, and green) or you can contact our sales team for information regarding custom color matches.


BeastWire Rack Guarding Video

Mounting Grrripper Bracket to BeastWire Mesh Panel

Mounting Grrripper Bracket to Pallet Rack Upright


Installing the BeastWire Pin

Adding Panels to BeastWire Mesh Guarding

Installing the Splice Channel