Robotic Guarding

Wire Mesh Enclosure


As robotics systems continue to proliferate in the manufacturing and industrial sector, it is imperative to use proper safety measures to protect property and personnel. OSHA and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have created a set of guidelines and requirements to protect personnel from potential hazards caused by robots.

An effective safety system protects those that might come into contact with a robotics system including engineers, maintenance workers, and operators. For situations where hazards are more minimal, an awareness barrier guard will suffice. An example of this would be a BeastWire fence wall that is 3’ tall. These guards are designed to prevent inadvertent entry into the working area.
For areas where hazards are more extreme, consider using a BeastWire interlocked barrier guard. These enclosures surround a robotics system and the doors are equipped with interlocks. These interlocks are designed so that all robot operations and associated machinery will shut-off when a door is opened. Likewise, combining a presence sensing device, such as a light curtain, adds another level of safety and security.

BeastWire systems are the perfect solution for robotic guarding as the doors can be equipped with interlocks. The welded wire mesh (standard) in the BeastWire panels is rigid so as to prevent anyone from falling through and making contact with a machine. Since the BeastWire systems are stackable, heights are easy to customize making BeastWire a perfect fit for any robotics system, regardless of size.

  • Welded wire design provides ultimate strength while still allowing for cutouts to be made in the field without losing structural integrity.
  • Doors can be equipped with safety interlocks to meet OSHA standards.
  • With easy customization, BeastWire robotic guarding can be designed to fit within an existing workspace.
    • For less hazardous situations, consider using a simple Awareness Barrier Guard.
  • All systems come finished in a polyester powder coat, painted BLACK. Other paint options are available along with custom color matching.

Technical Specifications

Universal Posts

Universal Posts

Panels are stacked vertically between 14-gauge 2” square tube posts. All posts have identical hole patterns and include a 2” x 7” base plate.



Constructed standard with 10-gauge wire, welded in a 2” square pattern. Panels are welded into a 1-1/4” angle frame providing maximum security. Optional wire mesh types/patterns include a 6ga welded wire, 10ga woven wire, sheet metal, expanded metal (flat or raised), and custom matching upon request. All systems are modular and can be expanded by adding posts/doors/panels.

Hinged Door

Hinge Doors

Each is constructed of same materials as panels. Wide assortment of sizes and lock options available.

Sliding Door

Sliding Doors

Each is constructed of same materials as panels. Wide assortment of sizes and lock options available.


Universal Hardware

All hardware kits consist of 5/16” carriage bolts and nuts.

Black Finish


Panels, doors, and posts are phosphate washed with a standard finish of polyester powder coat in high quality black. Also available in 5 additional standard colors (grey, yellow, red, blue, and green) or you can contact our sales team for information regarding custom color matches.